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May 12, 2013
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[REVAMP] GEN48: Mika by xMiichi [REVAMP] GEN48: Mika by xMiichi
:iconsparklesplz: REVAMP TIME! :iconsparklesplz:

Aaahhh I revampeddddd lies down I'm probably going to revamp Chris again AHAHAH I CANT GET HIM RIGHT LIKE YO WTF i m crey and im gonna change the chibi at some later point im just way too lazy right now

Name: Fukuda Mika

Nationality: Mikanese Japanese

Nickname: Mika-pyon | Fuku-pyon | JUST STICK A PYON ON ANYTHING AND SHE'LL BE OKAY WITH IT :iconimsopervyplz:

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Height: 4'9" | 144cm

Weight: "Idols need secrets, right?"
Catchphrase: Receiving all your love, number one cute, Mika! :iconsparklesplz:

Generation: One | First

Team: G

Symbol: Pigtails+Ribbons | Rabbit

Loli | Cute | Cheery personality | Moe moe-kyun | Childish voice | Misa-pyon (*)

Mika appeals more to the lolicon / moe lovers (mostly males T v T ) with her appearance, personality and especially her natural voice. Although she personally finds her voice a teeny bit embarrassing, her fans love it all the more.

+ Stuffed Animals -esp Rabbits
+ Cute things in general `-`
+ Night sky
+ Apple rabbits
+ Amusement Parks
+ Anime / Manga
+ Ghosts / Paranormal things
+ Horror movies
+ Animals
+ Yakuza v u v
+ Her fellow idols cause they're nice to cling to :iconasdfghplz:

- Nuts cause they get stuck in your teeth
- The sea - She's afraid of it v u v
- Getting her hair cut
- Horses
- People who judge on looks
- Vegetables
- Sappy love stories
- Tragedy anime / manga

| Ambitious | Energetic | Childish | Ditzy | Mischievous | Stubborn | Trusting |
psst she like cries pretty easy sqUINTs

Mika was born as an only child of a famous family. Her mother was a model and her father a successful director of several award winning movies. As a result of her parents hardly being home, she would keep herself company lby watching TV. In addition to this, she would watch it late into the night, when the shows that were aired made grown adults cringe. She thought nothing of it, continuing to watch. Soon Mika began to act along with the shows, easily being able to predict what they would say next and smoothly follow along.

She was well liked among her peers in grade school, and this made her one of the top choices for acting lead in the school play to be put on at the end of the year. It was the one day Mika's parents would take the day off to watch her. Mika found that she could memorize her lines easier than those around her, but payed it no attention as she thought it was only because she could predict what would happen. On the day of the play, it was executed perfectly, as she stood before a crowd of people, including her parents. They realized she had a talent for acting, and immediately signed her up for auditions. Mika's Parents had first believed that her voice would pose to be a problem as it was higher than usual, and she would speak childishly, but as soon as Oracle had accepted her in the audition among throngs of other girls, it was these traits that made her stand out among the others.

After Mika was put through several singing lessons, it was soon clear that she was far more advanced than ordinary idols. She was then put through inner auditions for the upcoming group, Generation 48 and was accepted into the first wave.

Additional Info:
` (*) Misa is a round, 100cm tall stuffed rabbit her parents bought for her upon passing the audition. It doesn't have any arms or legs though. It's her substitution for then when she's alone.
` She likes giving people nicknames based on first impressions <:
` She loves watching drama which include mafia or anything of the like.
` She'll quote things she sees from said dramas out of no where such as
"The police won't find the body if there's nothing left of it :iconskankyplz:"
` She clings to you.
` She judges on how nicely she can cling to you.
` Instead of the flower connected to the neck tie, there's a small stuffed rabbit head.
` If you wake up halfway through the night and you find her in your bed, don't freak out. She does it all the time u v u
` Being as dense as she is, she can't tell whether it's the appropriate situation to say something, so she may blurt out something insulting at times.
` She cray cray strong u v v
` Her mother has a few links with yakuza through work `-`
` She'll carry Misa with her wherever she can.

Voice: Similar to : Aki Toyosaki / Hirasawa Yui |… |
Think Kyary Pamyu Pamyu = v = ' |…
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